circle sERvices

Upon request, Project Ujima can:


Demonstrate the Discussion Circle Process using pre-framed discussions on a variety of topics.

Meet With You

Meet with you to explain the Discussion Circle Process and guiding principals; learn about an issue(s) or concern(s) your organization, association or group would like to address; and, determine if the Discussion Circle Process could be of help to identify action steps to take to address the issue(s).

Create Structure

Create a framework for a two-part Discussion Circle – The Discussion Circle usually requires a minimum of two meetings. The first Discussion Circle is devoted to circle participants sharing how the topic affects them and offering ideas to address the issue or concern. During the second Discussion Circle, the pros, cons and tradeoffs of implementing each idea are discussed and common ground for action is reached.


Moderate the two-part Discussion Circle.


Follow-up by facilitating a Judging Our Progress** (JOP) Discussion Circle to allow the group to assess the progress made on implementing the agreed-upon action(s).

Provide Summary

Provide a written summary of the notes from each Discussion Circle session

Offer Templates

Offer an implementation template for the group to use to identify next steps, assignments and timeframes to implement action step(s) decided upon through the Discussion Circle process.

Provide Training

Provide Moderator/Facilitator training to your organization, association or group members and/or staff (group size no smaller than eight).


During a JOP Circle, the group answers the following questions:

  • Did we do what we set out to do?
  • What went well?
  • What didn’t go well?
  • Based on what we learned, what will we do differently as we move forward?

Routinely asking these questions allows work to be in the process of continuous improvement and provides a mechanism for the group to hold each other accountable for getting the work done.  It is also a time to celebrate what was accomplished!

*Fees for Circle Services are negotiable and also may be provided through a collaborative grant application or “in-kind” upon demonstration of need.

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